• The Nahmakanta Area

Our Camp yard lies between two clear-flowing trout streams in an idyllic setting of tall shade trees, spacious green lawns and wild-flowers. From the screened porch of your lakefront log cabin, you will enjoy a spectacular wilderness panorama as far as your eye can see… 

the nahmakanta area
nahmakanta maine

Our entire area is a living museum of natural history, where nature lovers will find an amazing variety of wildlife, including a large moose population and over 100 species of birds (loons nest right near camp !).

maine moose

Saw Many Moose… including a big bull moose that paraded right thru camp.  Trout fishing was excellent….we caught a bunch of 14″ native brookies…gorgeous colors…! The view from the upper lookout on Nesuntabunt Mtn is phenomenal…! Mt Katahdin in clear view…! The food was fantastic to go along with the front porch view…!  This was  our first trip to Nahmakanta, but definately not our last…                     – The Gardener Family / HADDAM, CT.

canoe on the nahmakanta lake

Come Explore…!

 Nahmakanta’s ten miles of wild shoreline by canoe or kayak. Hike our many well- maintained trails (including the famous “Appalachian Trail”) that lead to scenic overlooks, spectacular gorges, towering pine forests. 

For fishermen, there’s incredible fishing for lake trout, salmon and brook trout up to five pounds! We keep rowboats and canoes stashed on 20 different brook trout waters for our guests exclusive use. There’s also many brooks and streams in our area with native brookies that are seldom fished. 

fishing in maine
nahmakanta lake fishing

Almost everyday we watch moose feed in the shallows in front of camp. Our resident loons nest undisturbed, literally within sight of your cabin. Watching loon chicks grow into adults is a summer ritual for us... 

maine water loon
loons in maine

Birds nest around us in an amazing variety and abundance. Nearby stream deltas attract beaver and otter, herons, eagles, and osprey. Nightfall is always punctuated by the wild wailing of loons, the stirring symbol of the North.

maine beavers

Some of our Nahmakanta “neighbors” include a resident family of beavers that have been busy doing a little un-authorized logging in this grove of cedar trees. 

Dear Don and Angel,  Of the 4 or 5 other camps that we’ve visited, Nahmakanta is our favorite. Nowhere else can provide the same variety and contrast…… the moods of the big lake, the intimacy of the “hike-in” trout ponds, the views from the Appalachian Trail….. 

– Prof. Abbott Meader, Colby College, Maine

beautiful sunset on nahmakanta lake
relax in maine
maine waterfalls

It would take many seasons to hike, paddle and explore all of the natural wonders of the Nahmakanta Area ! And although there is much to do here, it is a particularly good place to do nothing at all…!