• Maine Hiking


Our unique location makes us the best hiking camp in Maine !


Over 70 miles of beautiful and varied hiking trails literally surround our camp, maintained exclusively for “foot travel only”. This includes one of the most scenic stretches of the “100 Mile Wilderness” of the famous“Appalachian Trail” and Maine’s“Great Circle Trail”

maine hiking
hiking in maine

Our guests have easy access to many moderate ‘one-way’ day hikes without having to carry a heavy pack or retrace their steps.

At the end of your day, return to a comfortable cabin, a hot shower, and a home-cooked meal !

We can provide maps, trail information and shuttle service.

maine Appalachian Trail
Pollywog Gorge Trail in maine

Pollywog Gorge Trail meanders through a huge moss-carpeted boulder field under a primeval forest of spruce and pine.

Rainbow Stream in maine
beautiful maine waterfalls

Another local trail follows a spectacular 1/4 mile long flume of the emerald-tinted Rainbow Stream, which cascades into a deep, crystal-clear swimming pool, a wonderful and refreshing oasis on warm summer days. 

maine wilderness
nahmakanta lake

It would take many seasons to hike and explore all of the special places in the Nahmakanta Wilderness.

Click on this map to get an idea of the vast and varied network of trails and waterways in our area ! We provide copies of this map to our guests and lots of advice for self-guided hikers and paddlers…!