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Photos and Comments

“We had a wonderful time here. The cabin was impeccable…..very well maintained, and the meals…fabulous ! Melted butter for the french toast…pure decadence..! The view out the cabin door is so beautiful…what a great way to start every day. We loved the solitude, the quiet, the amazing night sky, the fishing blue heron and the frequent moose encounters. The hike to Bear Lake was a highlight…Having lunch overlooking the lake is something we won’t forget. We hope to come back again some day…..and stay longer   – Ken & Sherry Dietz, Ocean, N.J.

 Today I kayaked   through a group of 11 loons on Nahmakanta. I’ve never seen that many in one place before…..! Such a wonderful place, and the Hibbses hospitality is unparalleled…

 – Samantha Alderson, NY

“This has been the perfect combination of quiet, great food, physical challenge, relaxation on the front porch rocker, comfortable cozy cabins….. hot, clean showers, privacy when you want it, but friendly and fun conversations at meal times…! Gorgeous views of mountains, water, sky and stars…..the almost spiritual calm and quiet on the trails…..If I had to name my favorite aspect of this experience it would be the feeling of being like a kid again….Get up, get your packed lunch and go play all day…..then come home, clean up and wonder what’s for dinner knowing it is going to be something delicious…..and then there are those unbelievable, warm cinnamon rolls with all that melted butter….!

 – Carol and Russ Hoffman, Osprey FL

 Another wonderful week at Nahmakanta  

Hiking, wildlife, and great meals. Family time without distractions and moonless nights with stunning views of the Milky Way. There is no place else like this….!

– Jim Bulteel & Melissa Burch,  Orono Maine

 “I hope we have good weather” is what everyone says when a vacation begins! But that doesn’t have to mean all sunshine! Last night we watched a spectacular series of thunderstorms roll in. The sky began to move toward us…fast…a rolling blue-black, and the wind came up strong. It went from dusk to dark instantly. Thunder rumbled….right over camp! The roar of hard rain was deafening. Lightning illuminated the lake and mountains, giving us a hundred shades of grey, tinged with blue and purple and olive…!

Good weather at Nahmakanta.”

                                                                                                                   – Patty Poore, Gloucester, MA

 We came here to see a moose and we saw several everyday. This is truly a magnificent place to share with our family. We had lots of fun exploring, fishing , swimming and just staring at the beautiful lake….. Don and Angel’s hospitality is exceptional, five star meals 3 times a day and many nice chats about this area. You will see us again..! 

 Stefan & Salome Steyn  Oakdale, CT

“Dear Don and Angel….Thank you so much for the kindness and hospitality you extended to our family during our stay at Lake Nahmakanta. Sitting down with John and me to explain the hiking trails was much appreciated; you made excellent suggestions and took time to answer all of our questions. Throughout our stay, if we needed something, you were there. You were so thoughtful; you made our stay more pleasant then we could ever have imagined. You were the key to our wonderful stay at Nahmakanta…!               Ron Lessard, Princeton, NJ

 The diversity of birds was outstanding…..82 species observed in our brief stay. The habitat around Nahmakanta is very attractive for those seeking the more Northern species. Seeing loons with baby loons on their back is a big draw for birders! Thank you for a terrific time! –

 – Susan McLeer, Buffalo, NY

 Angel and Don…

I just wanted to thank you again for letting us stay at your camps and for such a wonderful majestic week away. It was probably the most beautiful and relaxing place we have ever visited…! Your whole family was so friendly, helpful and generous. You made us feel right at home.   

 – Carol & Arnoldo Henriquez, Boston, MA

“Dear Don and Angel…It has been an excellent, relaxing, adventurous week..! Thank you to Don, Angel and kids for making us feel so welcome and comfortable. We absolutely loved all the trails, the blueberry ledges, swimming in the lake. We saw moose, loons and even some incredible lightening storms..! We hope to come back for many more summers…

 –Franz & Cynthia Ingelfinger 


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