Moose Tours

(Guided or Self -Guided)

Nahmakanta is fantastic moose country ! There is no better area in Maine for seeing moose in their natural surroundings. We have trails and canoes stashed at some of the “moosey-est” spots in the North Woods.

    Kayaking to feeding Moose

         Cow with newborn calf 

We scout out the best moose locations in the Nahmakanta wilderness, then hike and paddle into these special areas to observe and photograph them in their natural surroundings.

          Young bull moose

         Curious cow moose

As the only year-round residents in the Nahmakanta area, and after 35 years of “thrashing thru the pucker-brush” on foot, on snowshoes, and by canoe, we know the secret moose haunts and backwaters that are largely unknown to the general public.

       Moose cow with calf

               Cow and calf on alert

We don’t just drive woods roads, where moose usually act unnatural, tame and oblivious to human presence. We prefer to travel into the moose’s natural habitat, and observe them feeding and traveling undisturbed. We’re also likely to see other wildlife and a variety of birds.

         Cow Moose browsing

        Moose in morning Mist

“We went on a moose tour with Don, and if I hadn’t seen it myself, I would not have believed it ….! It was early morning, mist was coming off the lake, and the sun was just coming up. Don did his moose call, we waited a few minutes, and then we heard the Moose grunting and walking out of the woods, right up to us ! He looked at us for a while, posed for some pictures and strolled back into the forest. The experience of a lifetime…! -Rich and Jan Bolek,  Chicago, IL

      Surprise encounter

Early Morning Moose

“…encountering moose in the wildest of the deep woods from “Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps” bought us close to nature and solitude in an unexpected, welcome way. Don, a very experienced outdoorsman and guide, offered us incredible amounts of information throughout the day, balancing it with periods of silence to allow us to approach moose. We came amazingly close to the animals in their wetland and forest habitats. It was a stunning experience we will never forget, entirely different and more satisfying than seeing moose in roadside settings “-Shawn Hassell, Bow, NH

Bull Moose

       Bull Moose on our beach

       Mature bull in early September

We watched this huge bull moose for several days right near camp. The pinkish coloration is dried blood….all that remains after he rubbed and scraped the velvet off his antlers in preparation for the rutting season later in the month.

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